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♥ surprise !!! I’m so excited !!! ♥
♥ my new cosplay takanashi rikka , Now the Gothic version of this character that I love ♥
This is a preview of the photo shoot , hope you like!!! ♥

Submission Weekend!
Eliza from Tekken Revolution 

Cosplayer: Vera Chimera Cosplay [TM | DA | FB]Photographer/Submitter: JMJ83 [DA | FB]
Submitter’s Comment: 

Our Australian Ambassador of Cosplay. Shot at EBX, Sydney between her Judging the Cosplay Event.

Submission Weekend!
Black Cat from Spider-Man

Cosplayer/Submitter: ToxicHime [DA | FB]Photographer: Alessio Buzi
one time i decided to take one of those online quizzes and this question popped up.
"But I don’t wanna look like an idiot!"me in a preschooler’s voice every school year

Untitled on We Heart It.

Pain is what make people change

DRAMAtical Murder

Forgotten Bride by Dark134