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so i was always treated as ‘one of the boys’ and nobody really showed any interest or even took the initiative to  be a gentleman around me (e.i. one time I was helping my uncle carry heavy furniture and the neighborhood was full of ze male species but NOBODY tried to help) then when I turned 18, these people started being so nice to me and it got me creeped out since nobody really asked me how I was or what would I be doing for the weekend or say they were thinking of me. i thought puberty comes when you reach 13 and now it feels like the first day of school again. I’m so confused and scared. I think I’m having this allergic reaction to affection now.

last saturday was spent watching ‘pacific rim’ & ‘world war z’ , playing super mario and wondering which apocalypse would come first: alien invasions or viruses that may turn us into zombies and deciding where to hide.


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